Neon Aviation Obstruction Light M ALL 29

Neon Aviation Obstruction Light M ALL 29

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Neon Aviation Obstruction Light M ALL 29

Neon Spiral Aviation Obstruction Light (single) ideally suited For installation on Towers Gt Chimneys, hill tops, high rise structures. radio & telecom towers.

Salient Features:

  • Gives omni directional red color light.
  • Protection: Weather proof IP 55.
  • Material of construction: Cast aluminum (LM 6).
  • Transparent part: Heat Resistant, clear glass dome mounted on hinged die-cast aluminium ring secured to the body by two studs & wing nuts.
  • Neon Spiral plugged into spring loaded high tension nylon socket wired upto the terminal block.
  • Operates directly on 230V/50Hz ac, can withstand high voltage fluctuations.
  • 38 mm dia. threaded stem with lock nuts for mounting on pipe above structures.
  • Long life neon cold cathode helix lamp.
  • Built in 75VA step up transformer.
  • Electrical safety - Class I.
  • Maximum Light output in the desired direction.
  • Paint: Aviation Yellow.

Catalogue No.

Dimensions in mm

Weight in Kg. (approx)

M ALL 29

W= 240